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the initial session

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What to expect when you come


You can refer yourself directly to us and we will try to see you for your first appointment as soon as possible. Our wide range of therapy and our experienced and highly trained practitioners allow us to tailor our services to meet your individual requirements so you get the support you need.

The initial session


All new clients attend a no obligation initial session with the practitioner who is best suited to their needs/wishes. This session provides a chance to talk through particular issues and concerns and to decide the best way forward. During the session, the practitioner will explain how it all works and answer any questions your may have. It is quite usual for clients to feel a bit uncomfortable and anxious about coming to see a psychologist for the first time. All our practitioners are experienced professionals and are used to putting people at ease. 


Although the majority of clients will go on to work with the practitioner they meet for their initial session, we believe finding the right person is vital. Therefore on some occasions, we might suggest you meet with a different practitioner if we feel you may be better suited to their approach. 

The 'contract'


Once you are happy to proceed, we will usually ask you to agree a ‘contract’ with your practitioner. This is not a legally binding document, but one designed to set out the terms and expectations of the therapy you are undertaking. The contract usually includes things such as the fee you will pay, the number of sessions you have agreed to start with, and issues of confidentiality.  Of course, you may stop coming at any time – you are not bound by the contract. However we would ask that you give us the required notice and also suggest you attend for a final session. This is because sometimes therapy can be difficult and it is good to end it in the most helpful way possible.


Our cancellations policy

In common with most professional services, our practitioners are self-employed and therefore need to manage their diaries efficiently. We therefore operate a strict cancellations policy requiring all clients to give us a minimum of 48 hours notice of any cancelled session. The full fee is payable if sufficient notice is not given.